Essential Holiday Information

Property descriptions and facilities

Almost all of our villas and apartments are privately owned. They are furnished individually to the owner's taste and therefore vary in style and content. Whilst our descriptions are accurate at the time of going to press, changes by owners do occur from time to time. We do endeavour, however, to advise in advance if any changes have occurred which may materially affect the holiday.

Included in all villas and apartments is bed linen and bath towels. Beach/pool towels are not provided and it is recommended that these should be taken on holiday as extras. Some apartment complexes charge extra for sunbeds and use of the pools however often it is only necessary to purchase a small drink to facilitate te use of the pools.

Kitchen facilities vary according to the type of property, but all are equipped with the appropriate utensils for a self catering holiday. Please check at the time of booking for specific equipment information on individual properties.

Arrangements for maid service and linen charges do vary from resort to resort and we have endeavoured to indicate these specifically wherever possible. However we will be happy to clarify in advance any points regarding these services. At the same time, any services required over and above those normally provided should be made locally and payment made directly to the managing agent.

Some villas and apartments have heated swimming pools. These either take the form of electric heating or solar heating. Solar heated pools are of course dependant upon weather conditions and pool temperatures vary according to the strength of the sun and the ambient temperature. Electrically heated pools are generally thermostatically controlled with comfort and economy in mind. Please see the description of each property which will indicate the particular type of pool heating and if this facility is available.

Satellite television channels and video/DVD facilities vary according to property although in general refer to a basic package, possibly with limited English channels. Reception of BBC and ITV via via IPTV black box or FreeSat in Spain and the Canary Islands is possible although the latter requires a 3.5 to 4 metre dish and 2.4 metres in the Balearics which is quite expensive. If satellite television is an important consideration when choosing a property, specific enquiries as to the exact package offered should be made to our reservation staff.

WiFi Internet is available in many of the villas. Please note that speeds vary widely and in some areas the service can be very slow at times.

Electricity supplies can at times be erratic in some resorts, especially in peak season. Electricity cuts rarely last more than a few hours, as such do not normally cause serious difficulties. (Note. It is not always possible to use 3 or 4 electrical appliances at the same time due to voltage supplied on the Islands generally.) Running numerous electrical items at the same time can trip the electricity supply. Please bear this in mind when using air conditioning, pool spa's or the Jacuzzi, dishwashers and or washing machines.

Telephones are not normally provided in villas and apartments. It is therefore recommended that mobile phones be taken on holiday. Please check with the service provider before travelling. In some cases there is a reception centre where help and advice will be given in the case of emergencies. Alternatively, contact may be made with our local managing agent whose contact number will be provided with travel documents.

Special Requests

If you have any special requests of specific requirements please let us know at the time of booking so these can be passed to the resort office. Special requests are not guaranteed although every effort will be made to fulfil the request where possible.

Pricing Policy

The cost of the accommodation is based on a weekly rental for one or two week durations. Limited additional periods are available on request. Most of the properties shown on this web site have a full price list shown beneath the photographs otherwise there will be a maximum and minimum price shown for your guidance. Prices in most cases, in particular the villas, are based on bed occupancy. Cots and high chairs, for which there is a nominal cost, may be pre-ordered at the time of booking and will be added to your invoice. Charges for these facilities will be provided on request.

Travel Insurance

Our holiday Travel Insurance cover has been specifically designed for the particular type of holiday we offer. See the Travel Insurance section for details. To give full protection travel insurance should be taken out at the time of booking. Most airlines will not accept travellers who are not insured. For clients participating in sporting or dangerous activities we have an activities policy available. Please advise us at the time of booking if this cover is required.

Car Hire & Transfers

A car adds considerable enjoyment to a holiday. In all cases collection can be made at the airport and return at the end of the holiday. Cars are booked in groups only and it is therefore not possible to guarantee a specific model although we are able to make requests. See Canary Islands Car Hire or Menorca Car Hire for details. Should a car not be pre-booked, private transfers can be arranged from the airport to your accommodation in almost all resorts. Full details are available on request.

Building works

In many holiday resorts there may be continuing building and construction works of new accommodation. We do monitor these developments on a regular basis in conjunction with our managing agents and inform clients of the facts if we consider them likely to materially affect the holiday. If you are concerned about any nearby building works we will be happy to answer any questions based on the latest information we have. On occasions, however, prior notice of commencement of such work is not given and it is often not possible to predict the nature, extent and effect that any works may have.

Health and Safety

Children by nature are adventurous. Please ensure that children under your care are adequately supervised at all times. Particular caution should be exercised when children are swimming either in pools or the sea. In addition most overseas properties have balconies and in some cases steps leading down from the property which are not always secured by a gate or adequate fencing.

Insects & Mosquitoes

Mediterranean areas and warm climates are susceptible to insects. It is recommended therefore that all floor and surface areas be clear of food items which attract such creatures. Mosquitoes may also be a problem at certain times of the year. Some properties are equipped with Fogo units which may be plugged in at night. Alternatively, suitable repellents may be purchased in the UK or in most overseas supermarkets.

Disabled travellers and travellers with reduced mobility

We are not a specialist provider of holidays for the disabled. Many villas are not equipped to cater for the needs of disabled guests and may cause problems for wheelchair users. It is therefore most important that our reservations staff are fully informed of your special needs when enquiring about a holiday. Similarly any persons with reduced mobility such as pregnant women, people with broken limbs or elderly travellers with walking difficulties must advise us at least 48 hours before departure so the information can be conveyed to the airline.

Brochure and web site

The information provided within this web site and our brochure has been made in good faith and with care and attention. It is not impossible that changes of facilities may occur from time to time without our knowledge. Wherever possible, we endeavour to advise clients of any changes which we consider may materially affect the holiday. We do, however, apologise for any inaccuracies within our brochure arising from circumstances beyond our control.

Peak season demand

Anyone considering one of our holidays during peak dates such as school half term and main holidays, Easter or Christmas should book as early as possible as demand is considerable.