Mallorca, once referred to as the jewel of the Mediterranean, has probably been one of Europe's most popular holiday destinations over the past thirty five years. Within a little over two hours flying time from the UK, Mallorca enjoys an average yearly temperature of 18.7C and almost 3000 hours of sunshine annually. The Island of Mallorca covers and area of 3640 square kilometres, which encompasses white sandy beaches, a coastline of 555km, impressive mountains the highest point being Puig Major at 1432metres, charming hamlets, fishing villages, friendly people and above all a relaxing atmosphere. A place of enjoyment for all age groups. Around 40% of Mallorca's surface area is protected territory, including the nature reserves of S'Albufera, sa Dragonera and Mondrago, as well as the maritime National Park of Cabrera.

Puerto Pollensa

Many ancient civilisations have come to visit Mallorcan therefore the cuisine offers a taste of all the cultures that have shaped its personality. Why not try the typical regional creations such as Tumbet (Mallorcan version of ratatouille), Tremp (Mediterranean salad with tomatos, green peppers and onion) (delicious local version of pizza), Panades (meat and/or vegetable pie), Cocarrois (folded vegetable pie), Frit (fried pork, lamb or seafood with vegetable and herbs), Arrs Brut (rice soup with assorted meats and vegetables), Sopes Mallorquines (casserole with brown bread topped with pork and vegetables), Escudella Fresca (vegetable soup), Fava Parada (lime beans soup), Conill amb Seba (stewed rabbit with onion), Porcella Rostida (roast suckling pig), Bra de Mrostit (roast lamb shoulder) or Escaldums (chicken stew) to name just a few. Not forgetting the host of Mediterranean fish dishes. For meat lovers the popular products are Sobrasada (red spicy sausage) and the tasty Botifarrons (black sausage). The best places to find typical Mallorcan dishes are the restaurants called Cellers.Sopes Mallorquines To compliment the food, Mallorca has a deep-rooted winemaking tradition. A growing number of interesting vineyards (Binissalem, Felanitx, Petra, Porreres, Art and lately Pollensa) produce high quality wines, especially red and ros. As to local spirits, the two most well known drinks are an aperitif called Palo (black and sweet) and a liqueur known as Herbes (dry, medium or sweet).

For the sporting enthusiast, Mallorca offers an array of open air options. As an island, water activities naturally are high on the list, which include sailing, water skiing, windsurfing and game fishing. Also Mallorca now has a choice of twenty golf courses with Pollensa Golf being within a short drive from many of our villas in Pollensa. Aerial activities from hang gliding and skydiving to flying ultra-lights are also available for the enthusiast. For those who prefer to remain on terra firma, trekking, mountain climbing, hiking, cycling or just plain walking are many of the choices on offer to the Mallorca visitor.

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Puerto Pollensa
The Port of Pollensa, or Puerto Pollensa, where many of our villas are situated, is approximately three miles to the east of Pollensa town with the Bay of Pollensa stretching for about two miles.
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Described as the prettiest town in the north west of Mallorca, Pollensa (sometimes written Pollenca) has been little affected by the major tourist developments nearby and is often used as a base for exploring the region.
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